Jens Knipper

Accepted as a JavaLand newcomer speaker

07.10.2022 | 1 Minute Read

I struggled with a problem at work, was able to solve it neatly and thought it would make a great topic for a talk or a blog article. So I applied at the call for papers of the JavaLand newcomer program with it and got accepted!

Even with some experiences in microservices, switching into a cloud project was not easy all the time. The first time I started to test my implementations I struggled a lot, especially while dealing with AWS lambdas. There is not much information out there about it and a lot of things you might find are plain wrong or not functional at all. That is why the talk will deal with the local testing of AWS serverless lambdas. In the end I hope to make lots of developer’s life easier by providing a useful resource about testing.

The newcomer program is a nice concept where young speakers will be provided an experienced speaker as a mentor. The mentor will give them useful feedback on creating an abstract, slides and speaking in general.

Before entering the big stage at JavaLand, I intend to practice as much as possible on smaller stages. The first chance will be a meetup of my employer OpenValue in November.